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The natural wellness services listed below help individuals and families live a more wholesome life through an understanding of holistic approaches that build health physically, socially, spiritually, and otherwise.  Services are also available to corporations and businesses through wellness seminar and workshop presentations. 

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Cox is a Practitioner Member with NourishDoc and now uses this online platform as an alternative method to consult with clients virtually as needed.

Health & Wellness Services

• General Health Assessment/Education  

• Family Health History Assessment/Education

Comprehensive Wellness Profile

• Metabolic Individuality Analysis  

• Hair Analysis Profile

• Comprehensive Health & Wellness Coaching

• Holistic Nutrition Coaching 

• Body Detox Systems  

Holistic Approach to Disease Prevention  

• Holistic Healing Methods  

• Weight Management  

• Holistic Stress Management  

• Holistic Health & Spirituality  

• Relaxation Techniques

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Common Conditions Addressed
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Common Conditions Addressed
Allergies (Respiratory, Skin, Digestive)
  Autoimmune Conditions 
 Urinary/Bladder Conditions
 Thyroid Conditions
 Acid Reflux
 Endocrine Dysfunction
High Cholesterol 
 Gluten/Lactose Sensitivity
 Male/Female Reproductive Conditions

And Much More!!!

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