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Dr. Nancy Cox currently resides in Florida, though originally born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies. She is a practitioner, educator and consultant with a career involving areas of medicine, education and research for almost 20 years. As a Natural Health Practitioner (Doctor of Natural Medicine), Dr. Cox consults with clients who are interested in alternative and holistic methods that address health issues without experiencing harmful side effects. She takes the time to consider each individual as a whole so the root cause of a health issue can be identified and assist her clients in developing an individualized wellness plan. She also works with local organizations providing natural holistic health and wellness education. In addition to having her natural/alternative health practice,  Dr. Cox is currently a Biological Sciences Professor and Advisor, a Nursing Faculty member facilitating General Biology, Anatomy & Physiology (with Human Nutrition), and Microbiology courses for students pursuing licensure as RN or LPN, and serves as Biological Sciences Lab Supervisor overseeing laboratory policies and procedures. Dr. Cox has also taught Health & Wellness courses at the college level. She enjoys her roles as practitioner and educator since she is blessed with the opportunity to help make a positive impact on the lives of individuals seeking optimal health, higher education and greater opportunities in life. 

Dr. Nancy Cox earned her Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University of New Jersey in Biology/Biological Sciences with a focus on Medical Research, her Master of Science degree from Queens College, City University of New York (CUNY) in Science Education (Biology & General Sciences), a post-Master’s certificate in Environmental Health Sciences Research (Genetics) from Columbia University and a graduate certificate in Advanced Biology from Indiana Wesleyan University. She has completed her PhD in Natural Medicine with focus on integrating Complementary & Alternative Medicine in health care practice, research and education through Kingdom College of Natural Health. She received certification of PhD attainment and as a Natural Health Practitioner (Doctor of Natural Medicine) from Texas Chiropractic College's Post-Graduate Studies Division. Additionally, Dr. Cox holds current certification as a doctor of natural medicine and as a holistic health practitioner. She also holds current practitioner membership with the American Holistic Health Association.

Dr. Nancy Cox is a Practitioner of Natural Health focused on seeing clients who are interested in natural and holistic methods towards reaching and maintaining optimal wellness through drugless and non-invasive means. She is not a licensed physician or licensed dietician/nutritionist according to Florida statues and therefore does not diagnose, treat or cure diseases, illnesses or syndromes. However, Dr. Cox believes that the primary foundation for health is through educating individuals about the reasons why diseases/illnesses occur and how to properly restore homeostasis in the human body using natural and effective methods as well as making necessary lifestyle changes. Therefore, given Dr. Cox's strong background in natural and alternative health practice, the biological sciences and wellness education, she has the expertise to assist her clients in utilizing alternative, holistic health methods to support optimal human physiology (function), which therefore promotes the body's natural ability to heal.

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